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Benefits Of Emu Oil
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Benefits of Emu Oil

Refining of Emu Oil

Our Emu Oil processing are done in three major steps and our process produces international standard quality Emu oil.

The oil generated in the extraction operation may be high in free fatty acids, peroxides, and other impurities and also may have unpleasant odors. This makes it necessary to further process the oil to make it fit for use as an edible product or for use in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The presence of metals in rendered fats in general is unavoidable due to contact of the fat with blood tissue. Metals are very effective catalysts in the generation of free fatty acids from triglycerides and rapidly generates rancidity in crude or finished oil.

Free fatty acids formed further deteriorate into peroxides which themselves decompose into odorous materials which give the oil from the rendering operation an unpleasant smell. Decomposition of proteinaceous materials, particularly if the bacterial count is high, also generates obnoxious smells. This makes is necessary to follow some or all of the following refining treatments inorder to bring the oil to the desired specifications of a final product

1) Neutralization: This operation is carried out to remove free fatty acids from the original fat and are not harmful per se. However, they are precursors of peroxides and carboxylic compounds that are responsible for unwanted odors and rancidity in fats, and their removal is usually the first step in the refining process. This is usually done by neutralizing the free fatty acids with a weak caustic solution and adding a slight excess to ensure complete neutralization. The neutralized free fatty acids are then easily removed by centrifugation as saponified matter. This step also removes residual matter such as phosphorous-based gums commonly found in crude oils and any uncoagulated protein that may have remained in the oil from the rendering operation.

2) Bleaching: This operation is usually practiced to remove unwanted colored compounds in oils. Examples of these color compounds are carotenoids,chlorophyll, and burnt or polymerized matter.An acid-activated clay is usually used for the removal of these colored ompounds. However, bleaching also serves as a "cleaning" step of othercontaminants. The acid-activated clay, in conjunction with other adsorbents normally used for bleaching, also serves as a catalyst to decompose or remove peroxides and metals that may still be present in the oil. In the case of emu oil, the bleaching operation is seldom used to remove color. Emu oil extracted under moderate temperature and minimal exposure to air usually has an acceptable color. However, the oil may still have some metals and an excess of peroxides and saponified matter that must be removed from the oil. The adsorbents used in bleaching effectively remove these contaminants. It is extremely important that most metals be removed before processing the oil any further. The next step is usually deodorizing, and if any metals are present in the oil during deodorizing, it may in fact worsen the quality of the final product.

3) Deodorizing: This operation is performed to remove odors, peroxides, and carboxyl compounds from the bleached oil. In some cases, this step is used to remove free fatty acids as well. If the starting oil is good quality, the neutralization step with caustic solution may be avoided, and the deodorizer can be used also as a physical refiner. Deodorizing is usually done by injecting pure steam into the heated oil .

Emu oil Processing Plant quotation-

Please download the attached quotation for setting up a new emu oil processing plant and for more details please feel free to call us.