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Benefits Of Emu Oil
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Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu Oil

Welcome to Ru & Lin Company,

At RU & LIN company we produce Pure emu oil and emu oil products , we refine emu oil with out loosing its natural property and we are one of leading emu oil manufacture’s and exporters of emu oil.

WA number of studies have been conducted and are currently being conducted throughout the world on facts of the Emu oil, including its composition, benefits, applications in different industries and the resulting properties of compounds formulated with the oil. Traditionally Emu oil has been used for treatment of muscle and joint pains. Clinical experience with Emu oil has shown that its two major benefits are its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to penetrate the skin. It also appears to provide some solar protection. The penetrating effect appears to be related to its non-phosphorous composition.

"Our skin is phospho-lipid deficient. In other words, there is no phosphorous in our skin. If you put anything on your skin that has phosphorous in it, your skin is 'programmed' to keep it from penetrating. Anytime you put anything on your skin that is phospholipids’ deficient, or has no phosphorous, it penetrates right through ". Researchers who have analyzed the oil found that there is a compound in oil that they believe is the key to its effectiveness. This compound molecule is believed to be collagen. Collagen is found in chickens and turkeys in a much diluted form. However, the test result on the Emu shows this molecule to be present in an extremely concentrated form. Research and development of Emu oil using in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals is rapidly expanding.  

Emu Oil Property and Uses

Emu oil has been documented to exhibit the following properties and used for the following purposes.

This is an important product in emu absorbed in human skin within 4 used in skin ointments and also for various cosmetic products. Recent research oil serves as excellent medicine for arthritis. It is also used as a pain killer.

The fatty acids present in this oil decree research. Because of the medicinal value of this oil, western countries are capturing international markets by producing new cosmetics creams has a great opportunity to enter in to international market.

Analysis of Emu Oil

Emu oil consist of following fatty acids and analysis done in laboratory Palmitic acid - Palmitoleic acid -Steric acid-oleic acid-linoleic acid-Arachidic acid-saturated facts-monounsaturated fats-polyunsaturated fats-Transat –free fatty acids Emu Oil